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LUCYLOVE (Lucie love) is a fashion brand established in California in the United States in 1999. LUCYLOVE is a brand that the eldest daughter of Cyon [suteyu;-shi-] that is the start-up of the famous fashion brand of "STUSSY" and the daughter started up by two people.

In LUCYLOVE, Hally who was not backed up to the brand name of STUSSY but was the eldest daughter of Cyon [suteyu;-shi-] had an active experience as a designer in the other companies, and the umber who was the daughter also piled up the study of the design. And, the umber makes the best use of each experience, and works on the design of the item of LUCYLOVE with Hally by only woman's sensibility.

In LUCYLOVE, there are a lot of items of a design fit though seeming the woman it, loveliness, and sexy are expressed. LUCYLOVE is very popular in local California, and it is introduced a lot, and the popularity of LUCYLOVE is rising in the fashion magazine also in foreign countries in the United States. The item of LUCYLOVE is sold around the select shop, it also is paid attention also by the stylist, and it is introduced by a lot of fashion magazines such as CLASSY, Cawaii, and PINKY also in Japan.

LUCYLOVE | Lovely dress of Japan Mail order site & Shop