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Wild Fox

WILD FOX (wild Fox) is it is in Los Angeles in the United States a popular, casual fashion brand, and the brand newly reborn as WILD FOX through the brand name of White Horse.

A typical, popular item of WILD FOX starts the print where the lock taste overflows with T-shirt, and T-shirt where a unique print to print the vintage style becomes complete gets into the news at the same time as putting it on the market, and takes pride in the overwhelming popularity especially centering on the young generation. The item of WILD FOX is very popular also in foreign countries besides being able to sell it in not only local Los Angeles but also a famous select shop in the United States such as Bernese and [kittoson].

In WILD FOX, the Hollywood celebrity of Paris Hilton and Lynsey Lohan, etc. is brands of patronage. And, WILD FOX also patronizes T-shirt of WILD FOX by [nashihana] and a lot of celebrities, and wears T-shirt of WILD FOX with the gravure etc. of the magazine also by Mr. Hamasaki progress and Namie Amuro, etc. also in Japan. Therefore, WILD FOX is an especially popular among the young generation, can sell even by Shibuya 109 and the mail order, etc. even in Japan, and be items sold all a lot of, too popular brands.

Wild Fox | Lovely dress of Japan Mail order site & Shop