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Sandals are especially famous in the fashion brand manufacturer in Tokyo with Himiko. The concept is & fresh casual. It has a fresh sense, and it is healthy, intellectual, it lovely, and images women who assume alive living of it.

Himiko Ltd.

Company overview
Representative| Chairman of the Board and Representative Director Shibata 1 the President and Representative Director| Hatanin Inada establishment| Establishment in November, 1973| The capital in February, 1976| Number of employees of 2,589,050,000 yen| Activities of 257 people (As of the end of March in 2008). | Project, development, and wholesale and retail sales office of life related product of whom main force who is miscellaneous goods such as shoes and bags that fashionably and are functional| 6-17-10 Harajuku are building store in front of the Shibuya Ward Shinto shrine headquarters/(As of the end of March in 2008). | 82 employee direct-management shop stores, 32 stores in shop mastering shop, 13 stores in shop partner shop, 1 store in shop of owner of shop, and 128 stores in total

Himiko | Lovely dress of Japan Mail order site & Shop