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Peach John PJ

It is an introduction of the undergarment mail order site to straighten beautiful absolutely necessary for put on a fashionable dress bodyline this time. It is "Peach John PJ-. " ..there are a lot of people who know already, too...

The concept by peach John surely presses the fashion key word of "Vigour, workman's livery, and SEXY" fashion. The commodity is developed based on the woman's voice, and peach John who becomes a hit by a popular import undergarment develops now the dress, shoes, the bag, and accessories, etc. and is developing the catalog mail order and the outlet store, etc.

Moreover, the yell of employing a popular entertainer of the fashion magazine losing enters.
Image character of PJ
Rie Hasegawa, Mayumi Sada of RIKACO, Anna Umemiya, [nashihana], and Yoshikawa doll, rock moat Japanese parsley, [nomiyashintouto], Vivienne Sue, Kozue bell, [sonin], and Lena Fujii, roadside Jessica, Jerry, and Kelly

Peach John's popular brassiere

- Bomb bust
- Circuit
- [Ebuebusuri-kuo;-ta-]
- [Dekorutan]
- Mast improvement
- Pompadour

How many do you have?

Peach John PJ | Lovely dress of Japan Mail order site & Shop