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Esperansa makes the material and parts from Esperansaglup by the entertainment creation brand that aims at shoes making that is more colorful, brighter, happier than where.

Company information
1-7-4 Square B on Kobe leather crossing Ltd. Esperansa Tokyo
headquarters Tokyo Shibuya Ward road redish black slope Shibuya 4 F/5
FTEL: 03-6416-7611(representative)FAX: 03-6416-7613

At the headquarters, it is in Kobe, and Esperansa seems to have gone to the project, manufacturing, and sales consistently. Pumps, sandals, and boots are a low prices and the popular brands at the center. It is sold wherever it says in the shoes counter at the department store as well as Himiko.

Other brands
Shizarre| Cizare

Ginza Wattoalun| GINZA WATARUN
It wants to be a woman who bathes in the look of envy and envy ageless for a long time for a long time. To women who pursue enchanting beauty and stimulation indefinitely. ..gloss.. of maturity, goods, and senses. Uniting of fine quality, refinement, race, and stimulation and refinement. More sexily than Feminin, and exoticism from elegance. Pungently and refined shoes that not are before produce a glossy woman.

Set original its company shop such as woman shoes, bag, hat, belts, and accessories of Esperansaglup.

Boneta| BONITA
It proposes a colorful, aiming at female office worker happy, casual shoes from a favorite high school girl to dress up sensitively to the trend one after another by the price of the surprise. It appeals in a bright counter with cleanness and the volume.


Sight Bolgo
It proposes the bag of a new trend material and the style and it proposes the hat and the belt
etc. of the allotropy material mainly colorfully happily.

Grand edge| Grandedge
The item on one rank in which the edge is gorgeously aiming at 20?25 years old sensitive to the fashion effective is sent. The Gold color is always considered. Gay, good-looking, cool casual is an accessory shop of the theme.

Bortedanse| Beaute Danser
"Bortedanse" is a girl brand of two people. Clothes by which two people with different environment dance mind. If it is a girl, everyone wants to spend happy Cawaic every day that wants to become it. Brand that doesn't forget play mind that realizes such girl's wish.


Acza| ACZA

Orbartash| Ober Tashe

Charming| charmant

ESPERANZA | Lovely dress of Japan Mail order site & Shop